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How to Find the Dream Guy Near to You with Gay Romeo GPS Radar Apps for Android or iPhone

Locate the Gay Guy Near You who is Online and Ready to Meet Up.

This GPS Radar for mobile phones is  available for Free from Planet Romeo

If you have a boyfriend he will not like it: 

Now you are able to find a guy in your neighborhood ready to meet you in real 
for ... well, that's still up to you, and you may decide to chat with him and see him on cyber with Skype first.
BUT ...
the thing is: These gay killer Apps are actually a Radar for your mobile Samsung or other Android or Apple iPhone. They are able to locate the gays near any place in the world. So where ever you go you can have a date near your place within minutes. Just use your smart mobile phone with internet access.

You don't need any Apps if you are using your PC or Notebook (or Lapgrab as some guys may call it). And you can even find the actual place where your dreamboy (or that of your boyfriend, haha) is living. This and other Gay Romeo Secrets are revealed Here.

gay GPS radar to find a guy near you

Do you notice the distance  on the right hand side ? 
300 meters ...  400 m ... 500 m ... 1 km

Get the Gay Romeo Find the Guys Radar App for Samsung and Other Android Phones @

Now you can access the whole PlanetRomeo - GayRomeo community with millions of profiles worldwide. These apps bring mobile dating to a whole new level with a flood of features usually found only on desktop sites where you have to pay for it.
However the iPhone app does NOT allow you to see the hottest member pics !

iphone 5 replaces boyfriend

Chatting with one or some hot guys on Planet Romeo is easy. The harder part follows when you decide to meet him in the real world. In most cases you will exchange your mobile numbers and call him or send text messages just before the actual hookup takes place.
Will he recognize me ? Will he be disappointed because I look a little bit younger on my profile ... thanks to Photoshop.
Here is a little known trick: Surprise him ! In a positive way, of course.
Wear a Sweatshirt or T-Shirt with your Nickname printed on it for your first date.

print your own gayromeo name on a shirt

Gay Romeo Radar for iPhone and iPad: This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

Planet Romeo Radar for Samsung and other Android based smartphones:

• A fully synced profile allows you to switch seamlessly between app and desktop.
• Check out your neighborhood with the new GPS-based RADAR featuring three unique search options.
• Choose a different location to virtually visit a new neighborhood or city before you go.
• Fine tune your results with customizable filters to find guys that exactly fit your requirements.
• See who’s visited your profile and deploy flirty footprints.
• Save friends and stay easily connected.
• Load dozens of pictures to your profile and order them in albums.

gay kings and queens love geilboys

That's the technical part of the game. Now the fun ... or frustration ... starts.
If you are looking for Thai Romeos in Bangkok or any non tourist area  towns you will be able to chat with many genuine next to door guys. The biggest problem may arrive from their poor knowladge of English. The number of GR guys who don't understand what's in their profile is amazing.
18year olds who have just started putting details on Romeo have many times just a few lines of it. It appears that if you are using Gay Romeo from a mobile phone only the basic info fields appear, so that may explain why some of the profiles are so short.

Stay Hard for a long time and surprise your partner

Many of these guys don't know much about the meaning in the profiles .. how many times do you look at a picture of a guy with a 6 pack who describes his body type as average ? or someone holding a small c0ck saying xl ...
they are probably just guessing what to click on .. How the guys describe themselves and what they are looking for is always worth a laugh though. For instance if an 18 year old Isaan boy says he is a top or bottom and is active and passive fisting. No he has no clue what he clicked on!

more hot and horny asian guys here

There are great differences between the guys who post from Bangkok and Pattaya.  
It seems that more and more people have regular jobs working in hotels, supermarkets or whatever so they are not all desperate to find a punter at any cost. They have personal tastes just like you do and while some may be encouraged by the offer of more money there are many more who will be happy to wait for something better. Pattaya's Thai members are not all some type of money boys, but they expect something from the farang, if they are the ugly skinny types or the normal 40 year olds. I understand some need to supplement their incomes or need to pay rent, but it isn't like they have fantastic athletic - muscular bodies. And the strange part is when they have a 5-10 year old picture in their profile. There are many scam artists on the Romeo Site. Fake, old or misleading photos. Lies and mis-statements about themselves on their profiles. Try to see them on web cam or skype before meeting. And then it is best to meet the guys in public, never invite a total stranger to your room.
Then it is easy to small talk over a cup of coffee or a snack, and to see if there is some kind liking.

 Best Prices because it actually is a Large Network of Shops from China

Many of the farangs in Pattaya are not better. 

If a farang has no face pic then it has 1 of three reasons:

  1. He looks really ugly  
  2. He is married 
  3. He is into some fetish not very popular
Just look around: the average farang in Pattaya does not look distantly attractive. But beware of the ones with totally fake pics.

 For some time the same person used a pic of this brown eyed guy with the looks of Zachary Quinto from the new Star Trek Movie

Only to change it later to this blue eyed guy which MAY be a photo of him taken 20 years ago...

I chatted with a farang who send me a pic of him during our conversation. He looks very nice and intelligent. He has strong bottom feelings ... AND is married to a Thai lady and they have 3 kids. The world is a crazy place. But you know that.
A funny message exchange is given at sawat dee gay thailand 

More farangs than Thais seem to have 2 or even 3 profiles on Planet Gay Romeo. If the use the same pic and location then it is easy to detect. But some 'multi profile fu**ers' who want to attract different users with each of their user name even use slightly different (incorrect) locations. It needs some kind of Dr Watson like qualities to recognize them.

 Mark from Germany ( pisat-noi and opirus and asmodis69 on Romeo) is one of them.

Anus Burger NEW from McDonalds

I think the majority of boys on Gay Romeo in Pattaya are indeed money boys, but my Thai boyfriend is on Gay Romeo, not in Pattaya, but 25 km away and he always states that he has a good job and is no money boy at all. He is 39, or 31 on the Dating Profile. And yes, he likes to meet another farang from time to time, or we do it together. 
The hardcore money boys in Pattaya tend to be in the age range of 18 -28, seeking someone between 18 and 70 years and will write to you without even visiting your profile !

MasterBate Your Alternative Wanking Card
  However, if you're looking for non-money boys in Pattaya, one of the quickest and easiest ways to find them is just go to the Sansuk Sauna. No money changes hands there and you might be surprised at how many boys do go there and are quite interested in some "private moments" with farangs. But hey, that doesn't mean that the wonderful guy who went  together with you in the cabin will not ask for money if you will meet him by chance in a cafe or bar the next day...

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