Friday, 14 December 2012

Hidden Hard Facts on Hard Drives

How to Discover Hidden Hard Facts
His computer tells you all about him

CNBC TV report on Pandora Monitoring Software

 Are you curious ? Do you want to know what your superman or superboy is doing on his notebook all day and all night ? When you have a closer look he is either on Facebook or stares on the empty google search box ...
Some guys do anything with you but will not admit the websites they prefer. 

I tested this software on MY OWN COMPUTER.
It is easy to install, very well hidden and shows all details.
Here is how you get all of the monitored web activities:

Pretty accurate, ey ? (The date and time is local, so you may see 2013 instead of the Thai year 2556. That depends on the settings of the computer you install this superb web activity monitoring software.)
You need at least one time access to the Notebook PC or other device to install the PCPandora. It is very well hidden and even a computer geek will not find out about it.
During installation YOU decide HOW to get access to the results by chosing a combination of keys you press at the same time, for example SHIFT CONTROL and Z and B
 Only if you hold down these 3, 4 or even 5 keys you will be asked for the password. (Don't choose your boyfriends name as password)
 and then you will see it all in detail - like this skype list

 and honestly, it's just a little bit of camfun Don't be a judge because you have less contacts but more serious ones in Your List
Wow, and then you will see all the screenshots of the sites visited, complete with date and time.

so in this test I looked at some guys chaturbating. In case you try the PC Pandora on another computer you will find out what body types he preferres. This would be of great help when choosing some movies for the night to make him hot ...

you will see more details than you expected, complete with date and time, year in thai buddhist years may be. And the cheap booster he looked for may intended as a present for you.

and the inbuilt keylogger would reveal his passwords for the chatrooms Planet Romeo Facebook Skype Yahoo Messenger and more.
Ask yourself if you Really want to USE them !

And reading other persons chats may be not as entertaining as one would expect.
Check it out here

The year 2555 of course is 2012 - all of the automatic screenshots this software makes are labelled with the exact date and time. They are taken when
  • a website or page is opened
  • in a chat
  • e mails sent and received
  • applications opened
  • search queries etc.

And if you DOWNLOAD FROM HERE a free 2 hour trial is yours to test this computer monitoring tool

 You may suspect that your new Thai Boyfriend is not really the gay b0tt0m if he prefers female cams for example ...

Or you want to know what your boyfriend's chatting is about.

Secret Agents live in constant danger. Danger to get caught red handed, danger to lose a loved one, danger to get addicted to material and data not intended for your eyes. Think twice about it before you decide to become a Secret Cyber Agent.

And then: Are you the true and faithful lover ? Do YOU have no secrets ?

AAAh, I see, you just want to know How to Spy on a Computer because you are interested in ... computers and software. Sometimes soft - sometimes hard, you need to know the hard facts, just in case... I understand.

Most of the farangs in Pattaya are more in need of the Gay Romeo Catch a Thaiboy App

 Here are some excerpts from posts on different Thailand forums:

 "Pattaya is not really true Thailand. For me its Fantasy Island where I can play out my dreams. Having a young boyfriend for เซ็กศ and company and sitting with him on the beach in company of other gay older guys doing the same, is something I often think about whilst back home."

 "If a young guy, who could at least be my son, tries to catch my hand in public, in Pattaya and some places in Bangkok, I am almost sure, that he is or have been a hardcore moneyboy."

 "You're forgetting his hands and knees causing extra wear and tear on the flooring as you ride him like a pony - thus an extra charge is entirely justified."

"I did weaken a chair badly when I perched a boy on it while I pounded away....should have just placed him on the edge of the bed...but them hate the "bounce back effect..."

 "Let's face it. If you're 50+ and a cute young thing contacts you on GayRomeo, chances are he's a moneyboy. The good thing about GayRomeo is there are a lot of handsome older thai guys 35+. They are much less likely at that age to be looking for "payment" (though they might be looking for a Boyfriend which could end up being much more expensive than a Moneyboy in the long run)"

  Aha, now I understand it. 

It's the Thais with a Farang Boyfriend who are in need of this


2 hour Free Trial Download Link for PANDORA Computer Monitoring Software

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