Monday, 28 September 2015

Watch UK Live Sports Channels, BBC and CandyMan

I am not much of a soccer fan and so I was not too enthusiastic about visiting a Farang Friend's Home to watch Live TV from the UK. But he is a real nice 'Britisher' with a great sense of humour and a fridge full of Beer Chang. So I dropped by.
To my surprise he did not switched on the TV but instead placed his Laptop Notebook at the table after opening one old and one restyled Beer Chang bottles. (By the way: the new green bottles contain slightly LESS beer. Nevertheless Seven 11 has increased the price again.

Other Chang (elephant) pics popped up on his notebook computer. Wow, the elephant penis nearly touches the ground. The curious guy went near for an inspection...

Then he opened a document stored on his computer and by just clicking on the name of the TV station some kind of special P2P Player opened up and after a few seconds BBC ONE appeared on the screen with the weather report for Britain.

Good to be in Thailand. Cheers.
But the picture quality was good and a rebuffering never occured. "I just got it installed yesterday." my friend explained. "It is really amazing. Good old BBC and, even more important for me are all the Live Sports Channels I get."

On the screen was now the moon as an eclipse of the moon happened.

He switched to BBC 2 but as it was early morning in the UK the programme was not too exciting...
Before he could switch to any socker or cricket channel I asked him how much he needs to pay for the service. "1000 Baht. One time. No recurring fees. " He replied with a smile.
I had been interested in receiving European TV but not for the excessive rates offered by some companies. And I had tried livestream TV  a free service available at
This shows practically all German Swiss and Austrian Channels. In theory. Normally they stop for rebuffering every few seconds at best, or do not show more than the logo at worst. 
"This software uses a new technology" he explained. "The more people are watching the better the quality because everybody who watches is sharing the signal too. P2p technology as used in Skype."
Sounds very reasonable. He found it on when looking for a way to rent out his condo when he was back in England but did not decide if he would do that.
UPDATE: I found a Special IPTV Station  Candyman  
See Recordings of that Internet TV Channel Below:

Want to know more ? Send me an email jomahaltd @ 
If you are in BKK near the BTS may be we could meet and try it - together with a few beers After the 3rd Chang bottle we found out how to record the livestream with the player. Just open View > Advanced Controls and hit the red REC button.

A detailed insruction can be found at (needs a survey)

After I did some research and, voila, I found an Android IPTV Box
that can receive those channels viz an acestream on the internet too
but will send themto your TV instead of the computer. They send the
TV BOX for about 47 $ to Thailand, shipment included from China.

BBC Sportschannels IPTV BOX XBMC Fully Loaded Android TV
Box Quad Core CS918 1G/8G MK888 Q7 Android Smart TV Free
SkySports Live TV 1080P(China (Mainland))
 The seller on lets you choose China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus airmail (can't be tracked) It needs about 25-45days to reach you. If you have not received the parcel within 50days, the IPTV box will be refunded or resent to you.
 OR China Post Registered Air Mail which can be tracked and may cost extra.

For all the technical info just click on pic to get it. Looks quite promizing because you also can watch mpeg movies on an external hard drive or USB Flash Stick dierctly on the big TV screen.

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