Tuesday, 20 October 2015

cops arrest cop for secretely recording men in public restroom

Cops Arrest Cop for Secretly Recording Men Using Restrooms and Gloryholes

 It did not happened in Thailand but in Chesterfield, USA
 Police officer David Cerna videotaped men using a Mobil On the Run restroom and streamed the videos to a pornographic website, according to police.
But Cerna's actions didn't stop with a "peepshow," cops say. He also tricked men into coming to his home with online ads and using his glory hole and posted those videos online, too.

The site Cerna allegedly ran was free, now he (or another ?) runs a survival supply site at Off The Grid : Survival Supplies : Prepare for Any Emergency
You can find the whole story at

Interested to view a video showing men visiting a GH from this defunct site ? It is here

With CCTV cameras installed everythere 
be aware, take extra care.

Are there any gloryholes in Pattaya ?
Other than the one at the train station;
inside the Sansuk Sauna.
One Farang claims to have private gloryholes in his home in Jomtien.
Jochen, do you have fun with them ?

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The NSA Spermz Detective

"This is a nice restaurant. Thanks for taking me out. What did you want to tell me?" 
Suddenly the guy reaches into his jacket pocket...
"Oohh, handcuffs. I like handcuffs" ...
"What? Y-you're from the NSA? This date was just a pretext? You're going to arrest me! Make an example of me? What for?"
 'Made too many spermz' ? I know I've made a ton, but theres no such thing as a legal limit !  Well, um…maybe there's something I can do to get these charges reduced? Well, I see the way you look at me, particularly when you use that word, 'spermz' Come on, Agent, don't you have some Spermz that need to come out? Wouldn’t you like to feel my dirty little criminal mouth on you? Take that big C0ck out. I don't care. I'll blow you right here in the restaurant. 
 You like that? Mmmm…me too.  So, spermz in my mouth or somewhere else?  Oh! I guess you want to play with the handcuffs. Yeah, hands behind my back, bent over the table--yeah I want your commando tonight. Yeah, f*ck me like the government! 
 I feel your spermz in me, running down my legs. So, you gonna let me go? What? No! 
You have all evidence now ?! 
 You gonna answer your phone? 
 That was a lot of 'Yes, Sirs' ...and now you are uncuffing me. Why? You're pointing at the security cameras? 
Oh!  So, your bosses like my moves! They have good taste. I blow a kiss to my NSA fans!
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