Friday, 30 September 2016

Condom Distribution Banned by Thai Police

The Distribution of Condoms has been Banned in Sauna

by Thai Police

The last visit to Underground Sauna near BTS Saphan Kwai had an unpleasant surprise.
Unlike in other saunas where you will find a set of condom and lube in your locker they
used to distribute the life saving rubbers at the bar. Until recently, that is. Now you need to
 When asked for it the stuff just replied 'Mai Me' (don't have) but gave no explanation. 
Another visitor however told me the reason. The police had come to visit the place and 
ordered the owner to ban distribution of condoms.

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The same once happened in Babylon, another gay sauna of Bangkok too. There they even lowered the entry fee and the maze remained closed for that particular day.
Comdoms and Lube is provided on request at the bar as before.
It now seems to me that they have someone within the police force who warns them in advance that a check will happen on a particular day. Then they will act accordingly.

Being found by the police to be in possession of condoms can be used as evidence to indicate the selling of sex. Despite all efforts to educate people about AIDS, police still routinely raid bathhouses and the condoms could be used as evidence against them if they were charged with operating sex establishments. This is not a problem in Thailand only but also in other countries.
If somebody has been robbed in the town and you ask 'Where is the police?' the answer may well be: They are in the sauna looking for condoms.
 They are trying to fix a 
problem that wasn’t there, which is always frustrating because there are only losers.

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